July 21 Daybreak Park, 10am-2pm. Contact Bill Birdwell for more info at (360) 263-1749.
August 4 Club Picnic, Lewisville Park. Dogwood Shelter. Set up starts at 9 am .Be sure to sign up so we know how many to plan for. This is a pot luck. The chapter will again provide the meats, and dinner wear.  This is a good chance to show off your summer pot luck dish.  More details to follow.Contact Debbie Witcher at (360) 695-3215 or Jeanne Gieg at (360) 673-3179.
August 25 Club Prospecting Outing
Sept 26-30 GPAA-LDMA National Outing, Burnt River, OR. Contact Bill Birdwell for more info at (360) 263-1749.

Nome Alaska 2017 By Rick Beehler

Rick Beehler Headshot

Our trip this year to the AKAU Lodge in Nome was the trip of a lifetime for not only myself, but also for many in our club. Some of us worked that ground till it gave up a smiling face in their pans. Others took their time to run those metal finding gadgets we call a metal detector, digging out of the ground each prospective object that gave us a beep or buzz to lure us under that surface layer of dirt. Dig and dig we were hungry to get down to the bottom of what was causing that buzzing sound. Some found yellow gold, some found that there had been a hunter shooting a .22 caliber rifle. One of the treasures that I was tempted to chase that buzzing sound was a nail that came from a mule shoe which had a longer head that gave it the same traction power as the studs in our tires do for us when driving on ice or snow. (Read the rest of the story)
Burnt River, OR LDMA Camp Outing June 2017 By Carol Brown
Carol Brown The Burnt River Oregon, LDMA Camp is known for its dark, bronze-colored gold, but during our trip to the Snake River Invitational, planned and hosted by the Snake River Region, GPAA Chapter from Twin Falls, Idaho, there was a lot more than just the gold to create an attraction. Upon entering the area near the camp, you are greeted by a sign that says, "Big Horn Sheep, Next 12 Miles, Be Prepared To Stop." After a few days, we wondered if there really were Big Horn Sheep in the narrow valley, but then Bob, one of the caretaker helpers, stopped by our camp and told us that the sheep were down the road a ways, if we wanted to see them. We jumped into the truck and sure enough, there was a whole herd of Big Horn Sheep in the road, in the meadow (Read the rest of the story)


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